Peter Madsen Trio
Country USA - Austria
City New York - Bregenz
Date 25.03.2010


The trio members: Peter Madsen (piano), Dominik Neunteufel (double bass), Alfred Vogel (drums).

The Peter Madsen Trio is an ensemble consisting of piano, double bass and drums/percussion combining music from classical, jazz and world music with a focus on improvisation. Their own compositions and arrangements of other composers are full of many styles and concepts that shift in a wide variety of musical directions with plenty of space for special improvisations that give listeners an exciting kaleidescope experience. Because of their diverse backgrounds in many forms of music as well as their wide age differences the members of the trio create a new kind of music that honors the great musics of the world with no boundaries or prejudice about style, time period, ethnicity or cultural heirarchy. The Peter Madsen trio always plays with heart, soul and creativity.



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