Country Finland
City Helsinki
Date 26.03.2010


The group members: Saku Mattila (oboe), Olli Hirvonen (guitar), Antti Ojala (piano), Joonas Kaikko (drums).

Amos is a young finnish ensemble of four individuals from different backgrounds. Its style is an unique combination of world music, jazz, classical and even pop music. Compositions serve as a starting point for improvisation, which is really the most essential element of the ensembles performance. Musicians' self-expression and their different languages come together to create a new and unheard form of music that can be only labeled as Amos.


Music to us is a medium of self-expression, a highest form of art. Good music touches one in a way it doesn't have to be understood in order to enjoy it. The most sincere way of making music is improvisation, which really connects the musicians with each other and establishes a communication with the audience - it is the truest form of self-expression.



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