Country Hungary
City Gödöllő
Date 26.03.2010


The group members: Levente Zombor (percussion), László Grunvald (percussion), István Kiss (percussion), Miklós Szitha (percussion), Tamás V. Nagy (percussion), Péter István Furak (piano), Péter Petrak (double bass).

"In one word, our individual style is called TALAMBA. In our play we incorporate different types of music, classical, folk, popular, jazz and contemporary music as well. We like blending various styles, and colour them frequently with musical gags. In our transcriptions and own compositions we would like to show the audience the diversity of rhythms and the versatility of percussion instruments."





Music is our language and means of communication. When we play, we can tell long stories, funny stories, sad stories, we can express a million of thoughts in just a few minutes and everybody can understand it, from children to old people, from Russia to America.

We are a percussion group, we play with rhythms. For us, rhythm is the heartbeat of all things, the heartbeat of not only people and animals, but stones, trees or metals, everything. In our concerts we would like to show people the heart and soul of our world.



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