Rastrelli Cello Quartet
Country Russia - Germany
City St. Petersburg - Stuttgart
www http://www.rastrelli.de
Date 26.03.2010


The quartet members: Kirill Kravtsov (violoncello), Mikhail Degtyaryov (violoncello), Kirill Timofeyev (violoncello), Sergey Drabkin (violoncello).

The idea of organizing a quartet united Kirill Kravtsov, Mikhail Degtyarev, Kirill Timofeev and Sergey Drabkin in 2002 in Stuttgart. The quartet is named after the famous architect of the XVIII century, F. Rastrelli, who created the best buildings of St. Petersburg, the native city of the quartet members. Repertoire combines works of Bach, Mendelssohn and Tchaikovsky with the compositions of George Gershwin, Dave Brubeck and Chick Corea. Quartet has a success and tours extensively in all countries of the world, each year, giving the traditional Christmas concert in Russia.



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