Country Finland
City Helsinki
www http://www.rockadillo.fi/piirpauke
Date 26.03.2010


The group members: Sakari Kukko (sax), Joonas Ahonen (piano), Ismaila Sane (percussion), Ville Herrala (bass).

Piirpauke is Finland's pioneering World Music band. It started in 1974 when some leading jazz musicians, including sax player Sakari Kukko, started to play folk music from Finland and other countries. 35 years later and after more than 20 albums and tours all over the World, the band is as exciting as ever.

Piirpauke has gone through many incarnations and line-ups. The current line-up is probably their best ever musically. Band found and leader Sakari Kukko has been joined by the rhythm section of Finland's most successful jazz band of the last 20 years, Trio Töykeät (who played more than 2000 shows in over 40 countries) - Eerik Siikasaari and Rami Eskelinen, as well as by guitarist Jukka Orma from Sielun Veljet fame (the first Western rock band to perform at Russian prime time television in '80s), plus new member, African percussionist Meissa Niang. They are currently working on a new album based on fusing elements of folk and classical music.



1. Profession (since 50-years ago)
2. Hobby
3. Mean of communication (singing- dancing- playing- and listening together)
4. Sounds (and silences between them) -organized in such way that the listener feels good and ''gets high''. -Touching melodies, groovy rhythms and rich harmonies are present most of the time as well as the ''unexpected''-surprise-element that keeps the musicians and listeners awake and alert.
5. A reflection of different cultures and peoples that can help to understand and respect each other in many levels.
6. An international language-we all have built-in receivers for all kinds of musics from all different parts of the world. We only need to open our ears and senses.
7. The straightest way to communicate with God.



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