Country Finland
City Helsinki
Date 26.03.2010


The trio members: Zoltán Takács (violin), Eeva Rysä (cello), László Süle (piano).

Trio Solingo was formed in 2006 in Helsinki. The purpose was to perform and record László Süle's two large compositions: Contradiction Suite and Trio Solingo. Süle's musical world is a creative synthesis of classical music, jazz music and ethnic elements of Central Europe and the Balkan. Contradiction Suite is a set of jazz compositions with piano improvisations in contrast with the classical sound of the piano trio.

Trio Solingo is a "classical" composition, a tribute to Béla Bartók and the Western musical tradition.


What is music to me?
To me music (in it's any form) is the most abstract and most mysterious art form, a deep and ancient expression of the human soul, creativity and boundless imagination.
What role it plays in my life?
For me music is a way of life. I am teaching music, playing music, analising music, composing music and listening music all the time. So music is my profession and my hobby, an endless process of learning, an endless source of beauty, wisdom and goodness. If I play Bach, I am proud to be a Homo sapiens. Otherwise sometimes I am ashamed...



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