Дуэт ECO
Country Czech Republic
City Prague
Date 26.03.2010


The duo members: Eva Francu (violin), Pavla Francu (violin, viola).

«We have chosen Duo ECO performing styles for TEREM Competition from broader stylish spectrum of our ensemble to meet Competition rules and scope. We try to use for our attempt the terms multilevel crossover, soft-crossover, or "+crossover" - maybe also intermedia, which term had been originated in 20th century sixties, but in narrower, more specific significance. We try to conceive crossover as the gentle and spontaneous melting of not only musical genres but also other art categories, especially visual arts. We are dealt also with melodrama that has long tradition in Czech music history and presence, too. Our style preserves many features of chamber music playing, but enriches it by the original themes synthesis, idea association, picture and video fading etc. We try to create every piece as a pronounced original with specific characteristics».




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