Country Japan
City Tokyo
www http://www.hide-hide.net
Date 23.03.2010


I PRIZE of the TEREM CROSSOVER First International Music Competition

The group members: Ishigaki Hideki (shamisen – Japanese lute), Onoue Hideki (shakuhachi – bamboo flute), Kamimura Shuuhei (piano).

The charm of the bamboo flute shakuhachi is in its shrilly sound reaching the depth of soul. Since ancient times that sound was compared with the susurrous whisper of the wind. But shakuhachi gets the beauty of melodious classic flute.

 As shamisen (the name meaning “three strings”) strings are made of silk, the instrument allows enjoying the finest sound shades. Thanks to virtuoso playing of Onoue Hideki using his own original methods of sound making, the traditional instrument sounds so persuasive and contemporary.

Combination of the polyphonic piano played by the composer and arranger Kamimura Shuhei with those single voice instruments is aimed to reach the additional dramatism and depth.

Thus, we can say that the creative credo of the group «Хидэ-Хидэ» is playing of music healing and filling the soul as being arranged in a modern way with a shade of classic Japanese traditions the music beautifully enters the heart.


"Music is natural surrounding for me. Since the time I mastered playing my instrument I am diligent in my aim to make people take me as a musician naturally as I understand music being integrate part of my life.
Music in my life by its very nature is the most suitable means of self-expression. I would not feel dependent on the music, just the world without it seems colorless, and the feelings fade". (Ishigaki Hideki, the bamboo flute shakuhachi player)

"Music for me is a source of nutrient energy that supports me. It has a variety of components influencing me in different ways, but each time they do it to my benefit. Music gives me peace of mind, and it also gives new challenges for my personal growth". (Onoue Hideki, the shamisen player)

"In one word, music is hope for me.
Inexhaustible hope for even more beautiful and full life. Music always throws out a new challenge, showing that I still have much to learn. It is an extremely important part of my being". (Kamimura Shuuhei, composer and arranger, pianist)



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