Country Russia
City St. Petersburg
Date 23.03.2010


The quintet members: Mikhail Krylov (N. Kravtsov system accordion), Kirill Evseyev (primo balalaika), Ksenia Kvochko (N. Kravtsov system accordion), Anna Shatilova (minor domra, alto domra), Daria Chernykh (4 string bass balalaika).

Ensemble «ESSe-QUINTET» is founded on the basis of the Folk Instruments Department of St. Petersburg Culture and Arts State University in 2007. The group members were not only fellow-students but they also are sure that, playing in the group they can achieve harmony, balance and, above all, the modern sound of folk instruments music.

The ensemble's repertoire includes works of different styles: from classical and folk to tango and modern tunes. But all the musicians assure that no matter what style they play, they show «ESSe» sound, which is distinguished by brightness, imagery, originality and detailed approach to the piece.



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