Quinteto Tango Extremo
Country The Netherlands
City Hague
www http://www.jwajazz.nl/tangoextremo
Date 24.03.2010


The groups members: Tanya Schaap (violin), Ben van den Dungen (soprano-saxophone), Hans van der Maas (accordion), Adinda Meertins (double-bass), Rob van Kreeveld (piano).

Since her creation in 2003 the Quinteto Tango Extremo has been through a development that you could at least call ‘remarkable'. The orchestra plays an eclectic and charming mix of old traditional Tango's combined with other several styles like Jazz, Classical Music and Brazilian Music. Quinteto Tango Extremo also plays a lot of its own music written by the individual members of the orchestra. The group has played on practically all venues in The Netherlands, but also in other countries: Spain, Italy, Croatia, México, Turkey and others. The quintet has produced four albums.



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