Ансамбль им. Н.П. Будашкина
Country Russia
City Chita
Date 24.03.2010


The group members: Vladimir Korenevskiy (double-bass balalaika), Sergey Kolyadin (minor domra), Alyona Kolyadina (domra alto), Eugene Skripchenko (button accordion), Sergey Pervukhin (primo balalaika), Marina Gabunia (key gusli).

Since its first public performance the ensemble proved itself as a highly professional group. In 1988, the ensemble was named after Nicholay Budashkin - People's Artiste of Russia, Laureate of State Prize, Professor and composer, whose working career began in Chita.

The secret of success, according to the musicians, is in high professionalism, playing culture, subtle sense of style and richness of repertoire. "Any team, and especially a creative alliance, consists of a number of small hearts, and particles of human souls, that give life to this union. It seems that these particles are always present, when we begin making music together", - the ensemble members say.




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