The Pentabrass Quintet
Country Италия
City Турин
Date 24.03.2010


The group members: Ivano Buat (trumpet), Marco Rigoletti (trumpet), Ugo Favaro (french horn), Vincent Lepape (trombone), Rudy Colusso (tuba).

«I think the right word to describe the individual style of our group is eclectic», says Marco Rigoletti, one of ensemble's soloists. «Variety of musical genres and styles is typical of brass groups, but I think this is particularly true for our group. We try to sound like an organ when playing a Fugue by J.S. Bach, like a string orchestra when accompanying a soloist, a piano playing Debussy or like a street band playing Dixieland». The Pentabrass has played concerts for organ and brass quintet, voice and quintet, band and quintet. They played together with such artists as Fred Mills, Phil Smith, Michel Bequet, Andrei Ikov.



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