"Music lives, music will live forever if we live our lives through music"


Music is a universal language that goes straight to the heart. A language that everyone can understand, that has no borders or barriers, with a wide-ranging impact. Music's mission is to "light up the depths of the human soul" (Schumann), "drive away black thoughts" (Hesse). Music provides greater insights than wisdom and philosophy. Through the language of music, man comes to know the world, makes discoveries and, most importantly, is inspired to live! Music is not mastery or skill, but humanity, love and compassion.
Live music unites people. Musicians and listeners become a single entity, otherwise the purpose of the music is lost and its mission becomes unattainable.
Music is a journey. It cannot stop or move along well-trodden paths, else it stops being music and turns into a movement of dead audio matter. Music is a journey into the unknown, an "off-road" journey.


CROSSOVER music can be defined as a crossroads, a meeting point where different musical styles and directions come together. It is based on an absence of restrictions on the use of different styles and genres in music, to achieve the embodiment of musical images clear and close to the listener.
In removing stylistic constraints (the most reliable cover for a lack of content), crossover music not only grants freedom to an artist in his creative search, but where an artist has something to say, encourages the musician to convey the content of the music to the listener.



  • Teremok - a Russian folk tale of how different creatures live together harmoniously;
  • Convocation - the uniting of people on the basis of a common idea;
  • Quartet - four people who have been putting this into practice, in the "crossover" genre, for a quarter of a century.


  • The intersection of routes, a bridge between genres;
  • A journey along an untrodden path;
  • A genre outside genres.


  • An honest, noble battle between musical knights;
  • A contest on equal terms, without prejudice or misunderstanding, where none will be spurned;
  • A means of identifying the features and criteria for assessing "crossover" music.


  • To validate the "crossover" genre as a part of the global musical culture and bring it into line with other musical genres, alongside classical, jazz and rock music.
  • To turn Petersburg into a landing zone for global music. Our city will become an open platform for this global creative experiment, which will greatly expand listeners' perceptions of modern-day music.
  • To identify the mission of a musician and his responsibility for the content of his performance.
  • To find new means of musical expression for the subsequent development of music's inner potential.
  • To create an auspicious meeting point where musicians, producers and composers can come together in the search for new sounds. To make the event an international musical forum for mutually advantageous creative collaboration between people from the music business.
  • To create a school and arrange master classes for beginner musicians and music managers.
  • To instil in potential listeners a love for live music and teach them not to fear academic venues. Music should be a primary need in each of us.


The image of the sun represents:

  • The sun as the «call of the wild» - something pagan that awakens when we escape to nature and rejoice in water, the sky and ... the sun;
  • The sun as an image of Light and Heat so cherished by the inhabitants of St. Petersburg;
  • The sun as the end point in the long search for a symbol that simultaneously answers a dozen questions from various areas of human existence.

The image of the bridges represents:

  • Bridges between genres;
  • The bridges between musicians and their listeners;
  • The bridges between Petersburg and the world.

This symbol is popularly known as the "Golden Murashka" of the rapture and astonishment brought about by Music.


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