I wish to bid a hearty welcome to the organisers, participants and guests of the I International Music Competition TEREM CROSSOVER!
This competition is unique and has no equivalent in either the Russian or the international music world. Professional ensembles, diverse in terms of their instruments and style, will get together on a single stage for the first time to compete against one another, revealing in a variety of forms the richness of their music. An authoritative international jury, on the one hand, and the audience, on the other, will assess the entrants and determine the winners according to strict criteria. Of special interest is whether the opinions of the jury and the audience will concur, in which case the ensemble in question will be awarded the Grand Prix.
It is gratifying that the idea for the competition in this format came about in Russia, especially in St. Petersburg, a city which is an example of the harmonious combination of a multitude of styles.
I am convinced that TEREM CROSSOVER will become an event in the world of culture, and that more and more musicians will strive to become prize-winners at this prestigious international contest.
I wish all the Competition's entrants success, I wish the organizers every success in their preparations and the holding of the event, and I wish the audience an unforgettable experience!

Alexander Avdeev,
Minister of Culture of Russian Federation


Dear friends,
It is with great delight that I welcome the I International Music Competition TEREM CROSSOVER!
Terem Quartet has long since proved itself to be a creative ensemble which has no fear of the unknown and loves to experiment, and is always delighted to engage its friends and colleagues in this same process. TEREM CROSSOVER, whose intriguing title infers an amalgamation of the most diverse musical styles and trends, is a fine example of this. It will be the first festival of its type. It is entirely possible that a brand new musical language will be born during the competition, facilitated in part by the unique freedom granted to competition entrants - for whom there are no repertoire- or age-related restrictions. I am confident that the competition will occupy a special place in the rich musical life not only of St. Petersburg but of all of Russia, that it will attract attention and arouse the interest of both professional musicians and music lovers. From the bottom of my heart, I wish the competition all the very best, and I wish its entrants inspiration, success and some unforgettable moments!

A.N. Gubankov,
Chairman of Committee for Culture of St. Petersburg Government


I am very happy to have been invited to take part as a judge in the forthcoming I International Music Competition TEREM CROSSOVER. I believe that the principles and intentions of the Competition are highly important and wholly positive in their musical philosophy.
I agree that it is truly important for vibrant and dramatic aspects of performing music to be encouraged, over and above the priority of technical components through which music is expressed. The fact that this is the first principle expressed as an aim of the Competition is important and of inevitably good effect in the impact that the Competition will have.
In the context of this mission statement, and as an underlying aim, the Competition's vision of discovery and support for talented musical ensembles from all over the world is something I endorse wholeheartedly and in which I will be delighted to participate.
Also, I fully support the Competition's aim to create, within its daily context, an experimental space for professional dialogue between musicians. I believe that the exchange of creative experiences between the participants will be another important dimension of achievement and success we will see created by this visionary competition.
Thank you for the opportunity to take part in this exciting musical initiative.

Yours faithfully,


On behalf of the Musical Olympus Foundation, I wish to welcome the organizers, guests and participants of the I International Music Competition TEREM CROSSOVER.
The international Musical Olympus festival has been held in St. Petersburg since 1996. Its participants are young musicians who have been awarded the top prizes at prestigious international competitions in different countries. The Musical Olympus festival, which takes place each year in St. Petersburg's best venues, has become one of Russia's most important cultural events and has gained prominence in Europe and the USA. From 2007, festival concerts have been held each year in Carnegie Hall (New York).
In 2010, another ambitious undertaking will be added to the list of international competitions - I International Music Competition TEREM CROSSOVER. The originality of the idea behind the competition and the enthusiasm of its organizers are capable of turning it into a most exciting event on a global scale. And we may soon see its prize winners amongst the participants of the Musical Olympus festival.
The very best of luck to you all!

President, Musical Olympus Foundation


Dear friends,
On behalf of the Russian Union of Concert Organizations and myself personally, I wish to bid the organizers, participants and guests of the I International Music Competition TEREM CROSSOVER welcome.
Numerous different and interesting musical projects take place in Russia each year. At the same time, the constantly expanding cultural space dictates the need to look for new ideas to befit today's global trends.
The idea of gathering together instrumental ensembles with diverse compositions for a competition erasing the boundaries of style, genre, repertoire and age restrictions, is unique in Russia. This competition, masterminded to overcome stereotypes and to identify examples of a new musical language will, without doubt, be a powerful jolt towards a revival of interest in ensemble music in Russia.
With the aim of supporting the initiative behind the I International Music Competition TEREM CROSSOVER, the Russian Union of Concert Organizations has founded a special prize for its entrants: a series of paid concerts in Russia's main concert venues.
I wish all the competition entrants inspiration and success, I wish the competition organizers energy to reach their goals, and I hope that the competition makes a long-lasting impression on its audience.

Honoured Artist of Russia
Chairman of the Board, Russian Union of Concert Organizations


Competitions have long been an attribute of the musical world. They come in for criticism - often with good reason, but they still go on being held, no matter what. How else are talented musicians to promote their ideas, names and talent?
The idea of the competition which Terem-Quartet has come up with and is planning to hold is very close to my heart, and not only because I have been involved in organizing the Mikael Tariverdiev International Organ Competition for the last ten years. I know just how hard it is - year in year out, day in day out to systematically prepare for such a large-scale musical event. But what is dear to me is the humane, musical attitude shown by this eminent Petersburg ensemble, who want not simply to hold an event, but to turn the competition into a message - that music is alive, music will live, all we have to do is live music.
Good luck to all those involved in the preparation of the I International Music Competition TEREM CROSSOVER!

President, Mikael Tariverdiev Charity Foundation
Art Director, Mikael Tariverdiev International Organ Competition


Art has no borders. It unites people, cities, countries, different cultures and civilizations. A broad-ranging cultural dialogue within a single musical forum - that's the task that Terem-Quartet has set itself by taking on the organization of the Terem Crossover Competition.RU international competition. It won't be an easy task, but it is a relevant one - which is why it will require colossal energy and commitment.
There aren't many people these days who ponder the huge influence music has on people's lives and our society. But the people who do include Terem-Quartet, who are now set to bring these grand ideas to life.
I am confident that the competition has a big future ahead of it. I hope very much that with time, the I International Music Competition TEREM CROSSOVER will become a meeting point not only for talented musicians but also for professionals from the music business. A place where musicians find opportunities to realize their ambitions, and where managers find new, vibrant creative ensembles to present to a huge audience of listeners.
The Sverdlovsk State Academic Philharmonic - one of Russia's leading concert organizations - was one of the first to support the legendary Petersburg ensemble's initiative. We will be thrilled to welcome to our stage the winners of the I International Music Competition TEREM CROSSOVER. For now, we wish the competition entrants and organizers every success!

Director, Sverdlovsk State Academic Philharmonic,
Vice-President, Union of Russian Concert Organizations,
Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation


If there is an ensemble that has attained superlative artistry, that is capable of organically crossing over from one style to another, yet without losing the sense of the Russian national character, that ably masters musical transformation techniques, is well-known and successful, then that ensemble is, of course, Terem-Quartet. The musicians should really be reining in their activities and taking stock of their own importance by now. Instead, they are constantly creating, yet this creativity shows no signs of "stardom", it stays young and fresh, propels them forward and has them coming up with new programmes, concert projects and competitions.
The I International Music Competition TEREM CROSSOVER is a competition for the young and talented, the ambitious and unsatisfied, those who know music and who have found themselves in music. There are contests with their own inertia, colleagues' snobbery and canons draped in "tradition". The competition which Terem-Quartet has come up with is not only unique in terms of its form and substance, it is also an injection of creativity and excitement without which there can be no life in art.

Director, Glazunov Maly Hall of St. Petersburg's Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory
Associate Professor of the Department of Musical Criticism, Honoured Cultural Worker of the Russian Federation


After 25 years of singing together in The Real Group, we are well aware of the fact that an ensemble needs to face an audience in order to make progress. A competition is a very good opportunity for any kind of group to expose their unique qualities and improve the performance, but it is also a great way of meeting other artists who are devoted to music.
And if Terem are hosting the competition we know it will be carried out with a true respect for each performer and with a sincere love for music. We wish all the contestants good luck!

The Real Group


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