• 27.05.2010, "Royal Lodge" - "Culture" channel
  • 14.04.2010, "Myth About Culture", "TEREM CROSSOVER Competition: Where is the Edge between Culture and Business?", guests of the studio: Andrey Konstantiniv, soloist of Terem-Quartet, Boris Filanovsky, composer - 100TV
  • 1.04.2010, "100-percent Sound", guests of the studio: Only Juzzt - 100TV
  • 28.03.2010, Results of the Week: Olga Komok, "Informal Art Receives Official Status" - 100TV
  • 28.03.2010, News, First Channel
  • 26.03.2010, "100-percent Sound", guests of the studio: Terem-Quartet, Yasuhiro 'coba' Kobayashi and Giora Feidman - 100TV.
  • 24.03.2010, News, "Yasuhiro Kobayashi played an Encore" - NTV
  • 23.03.2010, Reportage, Fifth Channel
  • "FM TV", guests of the studio: Andrey Konstantinov, soloist of Terem-Quartet, organizer of the TEREM CROSSOVER Competition, and Inga Kutyanskaya, director of Terem-Quartet - 100TV
  • 01.12.2009, Report, First Channel - Saint Petersburg


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